Projects are a custom post type, created for building the projects you have done.

There is a major change in projects from v1.5

Prior to v1.5 Projects had a shared category with Posts/services. From v1.5 Projects now have their own taxonomy called Types. Benefit of Types is that now you can assign a particular Types to a project, and then from the shortcode you can choose to display only certain project Types. (this feature was not available before v1.5)

If you never had version 1.4 or below(bought after 1.5 is released) then you can totally ignore the Category inside Projects, and use Types instead.

If you already installed the theme before 1.5 was released, here is how its going to work.

  • If you dont have any Types defined, it will work just same as before.
  • If you create Types, but assign no projects to them, it will still work as before.
  • IF you create Types, and assign Projects to those Types, then old Categories will no longer show up. In other words, now system will use Types. (now you have facility to display Projects only from Certain Types)

Yes, above is somewhat cumbersome, but we had to do it in order to not break the site of people who already have v1.4 or below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support.

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