I assume you already know how to install WordPress, many Web-hosts provide 1-Click interface to install one of the Most popular CMS today, WordPress!

For detailed WordPress installation instructions visit

You can watch below video for complete demo of theme install. This video was not made for this theme, but the process is exactly same for all of our themes. If you do not prefer videos, text instructions(with images) given below.

Uploading Piksel Theme

Before moving to installation, we first need to upload theme to WordPress. (Assuming you are logged into wp-admin already at this point). Here is what to do next...

  • Download theme from Themeforest. Please download All Files and Documentation and Not Installable WordPress files only.
  • Unzip that folder on your local PC/Mac
  • Inside that folder, you will find a zip around 2-5MB of size. (this is the WordPress theme)
  • Go to your wp-admin dashboard, then go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add new, and upload, and then activate the theme.
  • Immediately skip to below section please.

Installing Piksel Theme

The theme comes with 1-Click installer and demo setup, you only need to follow below simple instructions.

  • As soon as you activate the theme, you will be forwarded to install few plugins, please install theme, and then activate them. (refer image 1 below)
  • Click on Dashboard link on Left bar, on the top. (We do this to trigger the plugins we just activated)
  • Go to Appearance > Theme Setup Wizard (If you dont see this link, all required plugins are not activated yet then.) (refer image 3 below)
  • Follow easy on-screen instructions.
  • Thats it !

Note: If for some reason, menus does not get assigned automatically, please go to wp-admin/Appearance->Menus to assign menu. (refer image 4 below)

The above process is automatic and thus is technical. There are chances things might go wrong depending on your server's technical settings. Feel free to contact me if you have any trouble.

Now you should have Theme installed and setup just like demo. Now lets see how to edit things to match theme to your business.

Please also check FAQ section below for more answers.

Image 1 (referred above)

Image 3 (referred above)

Image 4 (referred above)

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