Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Is there any online Knowledgebase ?

Answer: Yes, please find it at ( There is not much content for now, but it will be added in future.)

Question: I do not know how to install WordPress, what should I do.

Answer: There are number of tutorials online for installing Wordpress, you can also find Videos on Youtube for same. Apologies for inaccurate answer, but thats because its not part of Theme-support. Thanks for understanding in advance.

Question: I have imported demo, but I do not see various header versions as seen in the demo.

Answer: Please go to Themeoptions/Header settings to select the header layout of your choice.

Question: I have imported demo, but I see multipage website, while I wanted one-page website as shown in Demo, how do I achieve that.

Answer: To make import process faster, we import the multipage website by default which most people use. But its easy to activate the one-page website. There are only 2 steps.

1) Go to Settings -> Reading and select Onepage-Home as your Homepage

2) Go to Appearance -> Menu and mark Onepage-menu as Primary menu.

More coming soon.

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