Hotel / Room Management.

For managing Rooms and Hotel, this theme use this plugin

You can find free support forum for the plugin here

Please note that if you want Stripe payment gateway, please install and activate this plugin

This plugin looks basic but its very powerful plugin providing all essential features to manage Small and Medium level hotel/resort.

We have created some rooms already you can just edit them.

To start customising, its recommended that you follow below sequence.

1) Please go to wp-admin/WP hotel booking/settings and enter your property details like Name, Address, Payment gateway info etc. Please be patient and browse and edit all tabs carefully.

2) Go to wp-admin/rooms/room types and Define the types of rooms you have. eg Basic, Premium, Suites etc.

3) Go to wp-admin/rooms/room capacities and define the capacity of rooms you allow on various types of Single, Double etc (You will be then able to select one of these capacity for given room details page.)

4) Go to wp-admin/Rooms and edit any current room to suit your property.

Thats it, if you have questions, you can contact support. Link found in FAQ section to contact support.

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